Company Profile

Sound and Vision Limited, a member of the Benson Group of companies, is a leading multi-facetted IT Solutions Company in Tanzania. The company was founded in 1990 as a retailer in computer and peripheral trading in Arusha as part of shareholders belief in diversification by expansion. The birth of Sound and Vision Ltd was a corollary of success achieved by its founders in their initial firm – Benson and Company Ltd.

Sound and Vision Ltd – SV in short and commonly known, began dealing in IT by adapting a strategy that entailed providing customization over the generic, static solutions available in the market. Armed with a customer centric attitude, strong self-belief and a desire to change the way things were done, SV managed to rapidly gain a sizeable share of the market within a short span of time. It is these traits that are the corner stone’s of Sound and Visions foundation and are apparent in the successes enjoyed today.

What began as a strategy of diversifying through expansion led to many more avenues of success, namely the fruition of BOL - now a household name in telecommunication.

SV has managed to withstand the always-present pressures pertaining to this turbulent industry by differentiating itself from its competition. Ensuring the stocking of latest products, providing timely support and treating each customer as the ONLY customer, has given rise to a company that is poised to tackle the challenges of this ever changing industry. Indeed, Sound and Vision Ltd continues to be at the forefront of IT service deliverance and boasts a strong client base ranging from government institutions to corporates and households.

The attributes mentioned are reflected in the ethos of the company, apparent from the characteristic determination, unmatched support, flexible structure and continuous pursuit of evolving for the better. 
What began as a retailer in IT products now possesses a fully fledged service center, a software and design development division, a network and security systems section-to mention a few. Currently, SV is heavily looking into server installation feasibility, data recovery systems and training facilities to ensure that its always one step ahead in service deliverance.